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Standing up for Literacy – What we are all about

We endeavor to promote the significance of learning and lifelong literacy. Everyone has the right to the literacy skills that we all need to live our lives to the fullest and we strive to help people acquire the skills that they need to improve themselves as they go through life. Family, career and one’s community all represent significant aspects of our lives wherein the development of one’s analytical, writing (Learning to write like this post “Top 10 Health Benefits of Doing Coffee Enemas“) , reading and mathematical skills (especially for accountants) can prove crucial for leading more successful and fulfilling lives.


Helping children to develop confidence and good communication skills remains a challenge for many parents that seek out family literacy as means to more effectively handle their responsibilities as a parent. Activities that effectively promote learning comprehension, reading, mathematical, writing and communication skills all help to better prepare children for a brighter and more productive future. Having a qualified life coach in Sydney can help improve self confidence quickly and affirm the child’s beliefs. Would you like to learn more?

At work

Are you thinking of taking up a course that will give you the skills you need for a more successful career, such as a plastic surgeon, doctor, or politician? We can help you develop and come up with a good strategy for developing new skills for a more fulfilling and rewarding career. Literacy improvements at work can positively impact team work, productivity and individual fulfillment. Would you like to know more?


The improvement of literacy in the community is bound to be of great benefit to the people of Nanaimo just as it is with the thousands of Canadians all over the country. Surveys like the IALS (International Adult Literacy Survey) gives out a clear idea about how much time and effort people are willing to spend on literacy skills improvement and the results that they are getting out of it.

Take a stand for literacy and brush up on the skills that you need for a more productive and fulfilling life. Contact Literacy Nanaimo today!

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