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How Literacy Affects Lives

These are based on statistics obtained from the IALS (International Adult Literacy and Skills) survey

Literacy affects employment

• Over half of unemployed Canadians have assessed literacy ratings under level 3/5

• Individuals with low literacy are less likely to be employed in their desired careers and find themselves limited to low paying jobs.

Literacy Affects Health

People between the ages of 16 up to 65 who were examined to be in poor physical condition had lower document literacy ratings than most of their counterparts who are in good health

People with high literacy are more like to be involved in various heath community support groups and volunteer activities.

People with high literacy have a better understanding on the proper use of medicine and proper dosages which means lower chances of mistakes and medical interventions. Seniors with high literacy are less likely to rely on care-givers which help reduce the cost of health care in the country

Literacy affecting the community

• People with higher literacy are more likely to gain a better understanding of political and social issues affecting the community which translates to better discussions and inspires strong leadership

• High literacy translates to higher self-confidence and better chances of employment

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